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Hello, I’m Nadia, I am many things but when running The Cottage Notebook I am a creative person who likes to share stories on craft, gardening and the creative process. I’m fueled by coffee and pastry and I’m usually coming to you from my yarn filled desk from the back of the cottage.


The CLN Podcast, a fortnightly podcast with host Nadia Seaver. The podcast started out from the spare room of the cottage and has gone so much further than I dreamed of. This is the place where I like to share all the things I love with all of you. Here you will find solocasts and interviews about crafts, gardening and there might be a teeny bit of toddler talk. The interviews allow my guests to bring you into their world for a short time. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a knitwear designer, editor, dollmaker, horticulturist, allotmenteer, craft writer or blogger? Then choose an episode and find out more: